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Modificación superficial de Pinus Radiata D Don, Análisis de las propiedades mecánicas

Código de equipo: ING 5082

Universidad: Autónoma de Chile

Sede: Talca

País: Chile

Ciudad: Talca

Equipo: Miguel Cofre, Felipe Ortega

Profesores guía: Ricardo I Castro, Luis Soto-Cerda

Understanding the characteristics of wood when it is modified on its surface is one of the challenges exposed in this work, its importance lies in the development of an efficient system that does not alter its mechanical properties, in order to modify wood surfaces correctly.  by avoid decomposition processes by fungi, termites, or other decomposing agents.

For this reason, this study has developed a technique based on the oriental art of burning Shou Sugi Ban wood, with some modifications to be used for surface treatment to replace ineffective or toxic chemical conservation treatments. such as CCA, a treatment that in turn enables aesthetic changes to be generated on Pinus radiate wood, one of the woods most used in construction systems in Chile.

This study focused its results on determining the best combination between the roasting temperature of 200 ° C (temperature on the elimination of absorbed water and below the decomposition temperature of the main components of the wood) and the roasting time (10, 20 , 30 minutes) by understand the changes in compressive strength when subjected to different temperature conditions (from 5 to 105 ° C) over a period of 30 days, on a dose-response model to determine the optimal treatment conditions, so as not to lose its mechanical properties

The results of the study generate a predictive statistical system that optimizes toasting time, which additionally provides data that allows evaluating conditions such as temperature, a factor that could be exposed to wood, considering, for example, the average temperature of a city or region or the minimum or maximum ranges of that locality, from the equations generated in the statistical study that consisted of 324 cubic samples of pinus




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Video explicativo: https://vimeo.com/444111731
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